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We've learned a thing or two about uniforms over the past few decades.

  • Not having enough of the right size uniforms to start the season
  • Not being able to get a small number of additional uniforms because they're discontinued
  • Rush ordering uniforms that don't look good and don't fit every player correctly
  • Needing last minute fund reallocation to be able afford new uniforms
  • Coaches wasting valuable practice time distributing and collecting uniforms

Parents know their kids best; how fast they grow, how to fit them.  Our association needs a uniform approach that makes sure we look good, feel good, and use our time and money wisely.

Therefore, MYLA has contracted with a uniform manufacturer to provide uniforms directly to players.  Our contract ensures:

  • A high quality uniform that will never be discontinued
  • The price of the uniform is stable from year to year
  • Parents have year round access to the online store with no minimums
  • Name and number customization according to MYLA policy

What does this mean for current and new members?

Starting with the 2019 season, MYLA members will purchase a uniform for their player* directly from the uniform vendor. It is your uniform to keep.  You pay for it online and it is delivered to you.

Registration fees are being adjusted to compensate for the uniform purchase.  We have also eliminated the mandatory US Lacrosse membership.

  • In 2018 member fees were $255 ==> $225 plus $30 US Lacrosse membership
  • In 2019 member fees are $240 ==> $180* plus ~$60 uniform cost
  • In 2020 the member can wear the same uniform and only pay the registration fee.  If the family wears the uniform multiple years the annual cost of the uniform can be under $20

Benefits of this uniform policy

  • Parent choice. Buy it a little big, wear it a few years, hand it down to younger sibling.  Buy an extra to wash less often.
  • Teams will always have the right quantity and sizes of uniforms
  • Coaches will not have to distribute or collect uniforms
  • Players will always have their number and name on the jersey

MYLA Jersey Number Policy

Each player must have a unique jersey number on a team.  MYLA is organized by grade level, two levels per team; Bantam = 3rd & 4th grade, Youth = 5th & 6th grade, Middle School = 7th & 8th grade.  A player can order a jersey with a number of their choosing that is not currently assigned to the grade immediately above or below them.  Once that number is assigned, the player can keep that jersey number until they matriculate out of the program**.  Numbers are assigned by availability, in order of preference by registration date.  When registering make sure to request several numbers; you may not get your first or even second choice.


  • If a player enters in the 3rd grade, they can choose any number that is not assigned to any other 3rd or 4th grade player.
  • If a player enters in the 4th grade, they can choose any number not assigned to any other 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade player.

**Accomodations can be made for handing jerseys down to younger players. When registering the younger player, identify that they already have a jersey and indicate the number.