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February 27, 2017


Dear MYLA Players and Families,


We want to take the opportunity to welcome you to the 2017 Medina Youth Lacrosse season! As the Medina Youth Lacrosse Association has an entirely new Board of Directors, we would like to make you aware of what has been going on behind the scenes prior to the start of this season.  We are establishing a culture of transparency by building a structure and implementing business processes for MYLA. 



Pending Legal Investigation: 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Medina Youth Lacrosse Association, Inc.  (MYLA), I want to give the membership an update on a pending legal investigation involving a prior board member of our association. 

I have been in contact with the authorities and because this legal matter is a criminal investigation, which is, still open, neither the Law Enforcement nor the Prosecutor’s Office can comment on open investigations. 

The authorities have been informed to process any questions, etc. directly to the new Board of Directors of MYLA in reference to this investigation. The Board of Directors will keep the membership updated when issues arise pertaining to this legal matter.  

Ed Meyers, President


Bylaw Amendment # 1:

Unanimously approved by the board the following motion:

All Medina Youth Lacrosse Association, Inc. “Board Directors” listed below:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director shall have a criminal background check completed and re-checked after 24 months if such Board Director is still a sitting Board Member with the MYLA Association.


Bylaw Amendment # 2:

Unanimously approved by the board the following motion:

Two checking and savings accounts established for MYLA and Baggataway.  All accounts require “two” signatures for all disbursements or transfers between accounts.


Retaining Independent Accountant: 

Unanimously approved by the board the following motion:

To retain an independent “accountant”, who is not a MYLA board director or MYLA member, to reconcile bank statements, prepare and maintain budgets, prepare balance sheets, income and expense statements for both MYLA accounts to include MYLA and Baggataway.  This will require about 4-5 hours per month during the association’s busy period from January to June each year.  The Treasurer will manage the accountant and report to the board and membership with the necessary reports according to the Bylaws of the Association.


Retaining Independent Attorney: 

Unanimously approved by the board the following motion:

To retain an independent “attorney”, who is not a MYLA board director or MYLA member, to work with the President and Board concerning the pending legal investigation and review the current bylaws, contracts, insurance requirements for Baggataway and MYLA, and to be available for any legal issues that come before the association.  The attorney will only bill hourly when consultation is necessary.


*Board reviewed all insurance contracts and is currently making certain that “all” volunteers are covered with the necessary insurance for working with regular MYLA games and the Baggataway tournament.  In addition, to add an addendum, to our existing US Lacrosse insurance contract to make certain that all players, coaches and referees are covered with the mandatory US Lacrosse requirements for Members 

*Board to form a “marketing team” made up of a MYLA Board member, a coach, and several membership parents, to report and expose the local communities to the MYLA teams, players, membership and the Baggataway Invitational.    

*Board working diligently with all directors appointed to the Baggataway Invitational.   

*Board reviewing to set up a scholarship fund with Baggataway proceeds (approximately 2-3% of net income) to aid those individuals and families who need support with registration, equipment, etc.  Pending establishment of a committee for preparing a business process.  

*Board reviewing the set-up of Trustees to have long-term planning for the Association.


The Board of Directors’ goal is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our lacrosse players and membership. As well, we will continue to safeguard the longevity and growth of MYLA and the sport of lacrosse in our community. We ask that each of you become involved as a volunteer, whether for the regular MYLA season or the Baggataway Invitational. Please review the MYLA website for updates – and note that the MYLA is currently asking everyone to become “active” in gathering sponsorships for the Baggataway Invitational.


We are looking forward to a wonderful season of lacrosse – GO BEES!




The MYLA Board of Directors

Ed Meyers, President

Herb Brunkholz, Vice President

Brett Vaccarelli, Director

Steve Beard, Treasurer

Sean Kennedy, Secretary